Serbs want to consume high dining, drink a lot and they’re friendly

Serbs want to consume high dining, drink a lot and they’re friendly

Very first, messy, much time otherwise “i-just-woke-up” hair is a sure indication you aren’t from here. Ensure that it it is brief and clean. Otherwise, you’ll be called punk, hipster, and you can first off, overseas.

Limits, hats, hair bandanas, exit him or her at the resorts. When you are regularly that have anything on your direct, wear eyeglasses, also in your temple.

In the event that, in some way, you love to don the jeans too rigorous and you will too reduced, might just search ridiculous in order to Serbian anybody. Ridiculous and you can gay.

There was a vintage stating into the Balkan that goes something such as this: ”For the Slovenia, you could potentially play and moving and you will be a, within the Bosnia, you could dance but never play, during the Serbia, you might play but don’t moving as well as in Macedonia do not dancing neither sing”.Serbian ladies want to dancing. There are a great number of noisy techno clubs where anyone go to talk about by themselves having moving. And additionally, psycholedic tunes is extremely popular in Serbia. In the event your games looks are “dancing monkey”, Serbia was a spot to go.

To believe that NATO bombed you to definitely Eu country not too enough time ago may be out of me. It might seem you are aware on the battles into the 90’s contained in this area, yet, if your origin try CNN or west media, just end this subject, particularly when you are speaking-to males.

Complete, if you are searching to help you shag as numerous local people because you can, I’m scared Serbia is not your dream put. You are going to need to have a problem with the deficiency of public research, concern about whore-shaming, flakiness etcetera. And you will such as I told you, one-night stands try rare here.

However, Serbian women are very stunning. For those who travel due to Balkan, I will suggest one has a stop within Belgrade getting an excellent day. You will certainly have a great time here.


Actually, it is really not a misconception, keep reading Wiki : “The folks of the Dinaric Alps (mainly Albanians and you may Southern area Slavs) take listing being the highest around the globe, that have a masculine average height out of 185.six cm (6 foot 1.1 in) and females average top off 170.nine cm (5 ft …”

You to average is actually for Dinaric Southern area Slavs and you may Albanians only. Really Albanians commonly Dinaric, thus that’s why these are typically reduced. Serbia provides typically 182, since the creator mentioned…little idea about Albania.

“The people of your own Dinaric Alps (mostly Albanians and you may Southern Slavs)….” Incorrect. Albanians have nothing in accordance with people out-of Dinaric Alps, being rather well away out of Albania! The individuals out of Dinaric Alps are ethnic Serbs, mainly, nowdays recognized of their nationalities – Montenegrins, Bosnians, Croats, and you will Serbians. Albanians are nothing including Dinaric Alps anybody, they are really brief and you may ugly…


Really safer. Try not to you will need to be noticed and you may create problems so when the fresh author of this informative article mentioned be careful in the evening clubs ( definition do not get in some trouble-attempt to work difficult) and you may needless to say you will be ok.

It nevertheless impreses me when people ask exactly how safe try Belgrade xD Tell me a primary reason he wouldnt end up being safer inside the 2017? Beside nato bombed Belgrade when you look at the 1999 evrything more is alright today a weeks… The investment out of good contry who’s got opendly homosexual finest minister thus i genuinely believe that proves it-all

Serbia is at the very least ten-years at the rear of the fresh Westernised community; there are various remnants in the Balkan wars you to however affect the united states, both actually and psychologically.

Belgrade tends to be safe right through the day albeit there are certain elements that needs to be eliminated whenever take a trip in the urban area in the evening. I will suggest remaining close to big sites and you can heavily inhabited parts, in which the merely situation you need to be concerned about try select-pocketers. Also, when you’re centered for the a cab services as an easy way out of transport (because they push such as lunatics in Belgrade) decide for pink taxi huggle premium otherwise beotaxi, otherwise you are into the a keen unregistered cab where in fact the finest result is a hundred euro food.